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  • Property ref E5212

    from Guy Bennington on 28/06/2012

    Hi Cathy
    I was interested in booking this property for the 1st week in Sep, and wondered if it was available? I did check online but it seems to be unavailable for the rest of 2012 and the whole of 2013.
  • Available cottages

    from Diana Wilkinson on 27/06/2012

    Need a holiday cottage with pool from 21 July for a week? Can u help!!
  • Property Ref HW7770

    from paula godwin on 21/06/2012

    Hi Cathy
    Re above property have a couple of questions. Is this garden completely enclosed and if so how high is the fence,gate? Looks ok from the pics I can see but need to make sure. Also how close are we to owners property, are there any restrictions on where dogs are allowed in the house and is there any livestock nearby. Do the owners have dogs that are friendly. Sorry to be asking all t
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