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  • Send week of Easter Holidays for 6

    from Wendy on 31/01/2012

    Hi there - do you have any availability left for the second week of the Easter Hols? Preferably an indoor pool in case weather is poor. Loved the Peppercombe accommodation but looks like it is full. Something in the South ideally as we are travelling in two cars from Winchester. Thank you.
  • holiday homes search

    from joanne on 30/01/2012

    Hi there i am looking to go away over New Year this year and cant seem to find what i am looking for. Have been through a load of websites but nothing jumps out. There is 12 adults and 7 children looking to book something in Scotland and want a private indoor swimming pool. Obviously space would be an issue but anything from 4 rooms would probably do. Our budget is £1500 or there abouts. Could yo
  • enclosed deck?

    from Angelique Stein on 30/01/2012

    We'd like to rent the Llangollen Canalside cottage. Do you know if the deck (or the garden) is enclosed (we bring a dog). Maybe the deck only has a gap for stairs (then we'll put a chair before it so our dog will stay on the deck....
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